Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, I know, you hate Valentine’s Day. Whether you are shacked up or not I tend to agree that it can be a bit of a retail cash grab. However, I think we can both agree that it is really nice to made to feel special on the 14th. I am not exactly a flower kind of girl, although I do love small inexpensive arrangements (that can fit in a mason jar!), like gerber daisies. To me, I am incredibly happy with a homemade dinner or something small and thoughtful. In fact, that’s all that really matters, thought is key. So this Valentine’s Day don’t break the bank, spend a bit of time brainstorming what your significant other, best friend, sister or little one might enjoy. There are only 6 sleeps left so here are a few ideas to the those wheels a turnin’

1. This Heart Print Top from H&M.

2. A festive bag full of his or her favorite candy. Mine would be filled with dinosaurs, wine gums, sour patch kids and licorice. Less is more does not apply in this situation!

3. These adorable love cuffs.

4. Plan to play Valentine’s Yahtzee with the Whole Family. This DIY and free printable is the perfect love day entertainment.

5. A framed picture of the two of you, inexpensive and incredibly thoughtful.

6. Sample some love themed beers, like this Long Kiss Goodnight Ale

if beer is not your thing, try a Valentine’s Day themed cocktail, like this one!

7. Make this simple and adorable tote, perfect for your mom, sister or best friend.

8. Prepare a homemade feast to celebrate. Perhaps, these lettuce wraps

or these mini crab cakes with orange aioli. Heck why not make both!

followed by these mini cheesecake conversation hearts…seriously how cute are they?

9. A new water bottle, the bkr Betty Heart Bottle is sure to be a hit!

10. A handwritten love letter or this sweet DIY 52 reasons why I love you.

Just remember it’s the thought that counts!

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