Last Thing Thursdays

Kale and 3 Cheese Calzone

It’s raining, it’s pouring, in fact it’s miserable outside but guess what? I don’t care! It may only be Thursday but I have a day off tomorrow, a fantastic weekend ahead, and a trip to Montana in a week, bring it on! The Last Thing I… I Wanted to Make. These divine looking Kale and [...]

Last Thing Fridays? Sure, Why Not!

holiday mimosa

Guys, I am really sorry for missing you all week. Unfortunately I have been stuck in bed sick for the past few days. I can not remember the last time I was so full of snot…sorry, that was probably uncalled for. Regardless, I am pretty confident that I have single handedly destroyed an entire tree [...]

Last Thing Thursdays

potatoes au gratin

The last two mornings have been interesting to say the least. Yesterday, I managed to lock myself out of our apartment building, of all the days to wear mismatched pajamas, that had to be the day! I was smart enough to bring my key ring with me, however, the house keys were still in my [...]

Book Review – White Jacket Required

I think we all know how much I like Jenna, I read her blog every morning and I frequently share her recipes with you. I am sure that it came as no surprise to you that I was beyond excited when I found out she would be publishing a book. I purchased “White Jacket Required” [...]

Last Thing Thursdays


I like today, I am not entirely sure why, I think it is the combination of my sparkly nails, polka dots, new coffee mug and sunshine! Sounds like a recipe for the perfect Thursday to me! The Last Thing… I Made. This delightful banana jam. I had quite a few ripe bananas in my fruit [...]

Monday Morsels


It is beautiful and sunny Monday morning here in Vancouver, looking out your window you might question whether or not Summer has come to a close. But then I stepped outside in flip flops and pajama pants to walk Lulu, and it sure felt like Fall. Despite the blinding sun, the air was crisp and [...]

Bloggers and Books

cupcakes and cashmere

Lately, it seems like all of my daily reads and favorite bloggers are getting book deals…awesome right? I am so excited to read each and everyone one them! From cook books to novels to fashion and entertaining I definitely see a few amazon orders in my future. Jenna from Eat Live Run has a coming [...]

Last Thing Thursdays

Vintage Vanity

It’s Thursday, you know the drill! The Last Thing I… Wanted to Make. These Roasted Carrots with Honey Ginger Glaze. Don’t ask me why, but now I have got a hankering…tonight just might be the night. Pinned. This Vintage Vanity. Photo Credit There is just something about it! Did. I Went to the Doctor this [...]

Top Summer Sippers

It’s Friday, need a drink? Me too! I mean I really need a drink. In the past week I have had flooring installed, made countless trips to IKEA and Home Depot, had a trip to the vet, packed my whole life into Rubbermaid bins and tomorrow we move. Bring it on world, I can so [...]

Monday Morsels

It’s April – can you believe it? I have absolutely no idea where March went but considering for the most part it was cold an rainy I am kind of okay with it. Plus I am pretty sure April is going to be an awesome month! However, I was a slightly skeptical when I woke [...]