Last Thing Thursdays

It’s absolutely pouring here in Vancouver, normally I would complain. But between boot camp, softball, baking and meal planning, I feel like I have accomplished quite a lot this week. So I am quite alright with staying in, making dinner and enjoying a glass of wine on this dreary day.

The Last Thing…

I Wanted to Drink. These Mulberry Mint Margaritas

mulberry mint margarita

How delicious do those look!

I Thought Was Hilarious. These Epic dog beards.

Epic Dog Beards

Not gonna lie, I may try this with Lulu when I get home.

That Made Me Scratch My Head. The uproar over Kraft’s new “Zesty Italian” Ad.

Zesty Italian

Apparently the ad offends one million moms…Really people? There are half naked women is just about every ad on the market and this offends you? Frankly, I think it’s a great ad, and obviously it has people talking, well done Kraft.

I Wanted to Make. These Chunky Monkey Magic Bars

Chunky Monkey Magic Bars

I Wanted in my Closet. Everything from the Lauren Conrad Summer 2013 Collection. These are 2 of my favorite items.



Big surprise I know! Go ahead and judge me for constantly pumping Lauren Conrad’s tires, I just like to give credit where it is due, and she’s earned it…wouldn’t you say?

I Thought you should DIY. These fabulous folding chairs.

DIY painted folding chair

If I had them I would totally follow this tutorial, except I would replace the pink with mint…of course!

I Thought was Genius. These layered ice cubes.

Make Layered Ice Cubes

What a great idea, I am definitely making these for my next party.

I Found Really Handy. This Guide to Mod Podge

Guide to Mod Podge

Image Credit

Who knew it was so versatile!

I Wanted to Eat. This delightful appetizer, Salsa and Hummus Roasted Chicken Bruschetta

Salsa and Hummus Roasted Chicken Bruschetta

I Pinned. This lovely, bright attic.

Lovely Bright Attic

What a great space!

That was so Ridiculous I had to Laugh. This Yodel conversation between Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Julianne @ Beyond Frosting says:

    I love this post, how fun! Thanks for sharing my recipe with your readers!

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