Last Thing Thursdays

TGIT. Yep, I said it. thank goodness it’s Thursday. I feel VERY fortunate to have tomorrow off and be able to enjoy a long weekend. I am really looking forward to tackling a DIY that I have had on my list for quite some time, a sleepover with my niece and spending plenty of time at the ballpark. I hope that you have an equally enjoyable weekend planned!

The Last Thing…

I Drooled Over. These Toasted Coconut Cookie Bars.

Toasted Coconut Cookie Bars

I Wanted to DIY. These bathbombs.

DIY bathbombs

Not only are they adorable, they actually look pretty darn easy to make, I have seen a few DIY’s in the past with all sorts of different ingredients, I actually have all of the ingredients in this recipe on hand. Score!

I Thought you should Make this Easter Long Weekend. Deviled Eggs with Prosciutto.

deviled eggs with prosciutto

Love this twist on a classic appetizer.

I Wanted in my Closet. This bright envelope clutch from the Gap.

Gap Envelope Clutch

It’s the perfect Spring accessory.

I Wanted to Drink. Rose Sangria

rose sangria

I can’t think of a more perfect drink to enjoy on the patio as the weather warms up.

I Drank. Cold 911 from Davids Tea.

Cold 911

I felt myself starting to get sick a couple of days ago, sore throat, cough and stuffy nose, the usual and annoying common cold. Since then, I have been consuming copious amounts of this delicious tea to help keep my sickness at bay…so far, so good!

I Pinned. This stunning landscape shot of the Fairy Pools in Scotland.

Fairy Pools Scotland

I Thought was the Perfect Summer Outfit. I am so in love with those neon shorts!

Neon Summer Outfit

I Thought was an Awesome Idea. These Travel Keepsake Kits.

Travel Keepsake Kits

I love how they are styled on this bookshelf!

That Warmed My Heart. This video from a special needs hockey tournament in Ontario.

Hopefully it warms yours too, it really is the best goal you will never see on a highlight reel.

Have a fabulous long weekend!!

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