Last Thing Thursdays

Hey guess what? My life is almost back to normal, amazing right? Agreed! And I even got to enjoy a night on the town lat night. The Last Thing I… Did. Last night I got all dressed up saw Leighton Meester and Check in the Dark at the Vogue in downtown Vancouver. I wasn’t exactly [...]

Blogroll – Kendi Everyday

I have been on a real fashion kick lately. I am not sure if it’s because I have spent the last month buying tiles, flooring and light fixtures that I just feel like I NEED to buy clothes, shoes and accessories. But I think it might have something to do with the inspiration this amazing [...]

Monday Morsels – Moving Edition

Hey kids – I hope that you were able to have an enjoyable weekend because mine really was not awesome. All I can say is moving stinks…oh and I think I am verging on borderline hoarder status. No big deal. But on the bright side I am FINALLY in my apartment. And I have some [...]

Top Summer Sippers

It’s Friday, need a drink? Me too! I mean I really need a drink. In the past week I have had flooring installed, made countless trips to IKEA and Home Depot, had a trip to the vet, packed my whole life into Rubbermaid bins and tomorrow we move. Bring it on world, I can so [...]

Last Thing Thursdays

I am seriously sleep deprived people. That is all. The Last Thing I… Pinned. Apartment Inspiration. Who am I kidding this will probably not be permitted in the new place. Reason? Too girly. Insert eye roll here. Listened to. Queen of California off John Mayer’s new album Born and Raised. I have to say I [...]

Monday Morsels – Rodeo Edition

It’s Monday. I’m tired…just thought you should know. But the fatigue is well worth it after an action packed weekend at the Cowboy Cookoff – a part of the Cloverdale Rodeo. On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be a part of the pie, chilli and bacon categories. These are just a few of the [...]

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Remember a month or so ago when I told you about those delicious Jello shots, well they were to celebrate two of my best friends birthdays. While the hostess with the mostest slaved away layering those magnificent (but dangerous) shooters,  my contribution to the party was Birthday Cake Popcorn and let me tell you, it [...]

Last Thing Thursdays

On time and everything, look at me go! Life is absolutely crazy right now so this says a lot about how I feel about you! The Last Thing I… Pinned. Coconut Blueberry Muffin Tops…I mean does anyone even eat the bottom? Sometime a girl just needs a pastry! Read. Gal Meets Glam - love this blog. [...]

Monday Morsels

All I can say is FINALLY! We finally had a beautiful weekend full of sunshine. Not the kind where you still need to wear a sweater or capri pants. The kind where you don’t give the girls wearing next to nothing dirty looks…Don’t act like you haven’t! It was hot, hot sunshine, so here’s to [...]

Last Thing Thursdays

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Friday, which means I am definitely late. Terrible I know, forgive me!? The Last Thing I… Read that made me laugh. A letter to Ryan Gosling, just read it, its awesome. I promise! Almost as awesome as this… Photo Credit. Pinned. The delicious looking grapefruit and mint coolers. Perfect for [...]